OECI (Organisation European Cancer Institutes)

The Organisation of European Cancer Institutes “OECI”  was founded in Vienna in 1979 and remodelled in 2005 into OECI-EEIG, a European Economic Interest Grouping. Today, the OECI regroups 102 Members, which include some of the most prominent European Comprehensive Cancer Centres.
The OECI aim is to accelerate the application of multidisciplinary personalised care approaches, to reduce morbidity and to guarantee an equitable access to care to all cancer patients and supporting parallel initiatives outside the EU and in other continents.
This goal is being achieved by promoting and enhancing the concept of “comprehensiveness” and “multi-disciplinarity”, supporting quality in cancer care and dynamically working in crosscut expertise by involving the OECI Working Groups, the Members and promoting synergies with other cancer Organisations.

Pr. Claudio Lombardo, OECI Director, C/o Fondation Universitaire, Rue d’Egmont,11, 1000 Brussels –Belgium, Tel. +32 2 5120146 - +39 010 3032595, Mobile: +39 3480923195